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Phiradar Portable Fish Finder (FF278A, Black/Yellow)

Phiradar Portable Fish Finder with depth reading from 2.0 to 24Oft in 1/10th precision, bottom contour and water temperature indicator, 100-level sensitivity setting and multi levels depth range, auto zoom bottom tracking and quick manual zoom, stop chart at any time, user selectable feet or meter reading, big/small fish identification and fish depth indicator, audible fish and depth alarm 3-99ft.


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Display Type 2,8 16 Levels Grayscale LCD
Resolution V240xH160
Backlightning White LED
Depth Range Max. 240ft (73,2m)
Depth Range Min. 2ft (0,6m)
Sonar Frequency 200/83KHz Duel Beam
Battery Built-in lithium battery, charge voltage 5V
Operational Temperature -20-70°C

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