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Panasonic Shaving Head WER 9902

Panasonic Shaving Head WER 9902


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The newly developed x-shaped cutter blade cuts about 40% cleaner and correspondingly more productive. The carbon fiber and titanium X-taper blade Cutter provides a razor-sharp. For a unique precision and for a unique precision and fine contours or complete machines haircuts. New cutter design X-taper with blade carbon fiber titanium coating for a unique precision and razor-sharp cut.
The new x-shaped blade captures the hair and cut it without letting it go. Precision cutting with 45 ° edge. A combination of diamond steel and titanium hard coatings ensures a double durability compared to conventional stainless steel and for permanently sharp sound.
Diameter for the following modelsHE DGP72,HE FGP72,HE HGP72,HE 1611, HE 1610,ER1512, ER1511,HE 1510, HE 160, HE 154, HE 153, HE 152, HE 151

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