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Oromed Electronic Clinical thermometer ORO-FLEXI (Blue)

The new generation OROMED thermometer will measure the temperature of the baby’s body within a few minutes. Equipped with a digital display enables precise temperature reading. You no longer need to control the measurement with the watch in hand, because the sound sensor will notify you when the measurement process is over. Thermometer tip made of flexible material.


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Range 32.0~42.9ºC
Below 32.0ºC shows the LºC value
Above 42.9ºC it displays the H ºC value
Flexible tip thanks to which you will avoid damage to the body
Measurement division 0.1º
Accuracy ± 0.1ºC 34.0ºC ~ 42.0ºC ± 0.2º
3 1/2 digit liquid crystal display
Battery (included) One 192/384/392 or LR41/SR41 (1.55V) alkaline battery
Energy consumption 0.15 milliwatts in measurement mode
Lifetime of measurement more than 200 hours of continuous work
Sounder after measurement

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