MPM Hair clipper + care set MMW-04

Comprehensive care for cutting, shaving, trimming and trimming hair. Your advantages a pack of interchangeable heads and accessories – practical accessory frame, 4 interchangeable accessories for haircuts, shaving, trimming and hair removal LED display for charging the battery.


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• Stainless steel blades
• 2 interchangeable attachments for cutting, shaving, trimming and removing
– Wide head piece with interchangeable comb attachments (3.6 and 10 mm)
– foil razor
– Attachment for cutting body hair (e.g. beard) and 3-step length adjustment (5-15mm)
• 45 minutes of operating time after charging
• NiMH battery, without memory effect
• Fully charged after 4 hours
• LED display to show the battery charge level

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