MK Bamboo OSLO - 2 tier Wall Rack

Bamboo – with 1 metre per day one of the fastest growing plants generally. He generates a superlative amount in biomass and more oxygen than any other plant in the world. After already some months the plant reaches her maximum size – 35 metres with a diameter of 40 centimetres. Therefore, one can win four times more usable wood than for example oak. On account of the high portion in silicic acid the bamboo develops an unbelievable stability and hardness. Hence, bamboo is processed often and with pleasure to different goods Accessories for the kitchen, decoration article, piece of furniture, floor coverings and a lot more.
Nevertheless, bamboo is convincing not only with it’s nice design and his excellent quality, also the lastingness of this valuable raw material persuaded. No tree has to be cut down, as usual by the production of the wood, because by the removal of the lignified straws it can grow and develop again. His lastingness contributes to the creation of a worth living future and performs a considerable portion to a healthy ecological balance.
If we use bamboo instead of wood, we spare the slowly growing resource wood and contribute a necessary part to a healthy environment.


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