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Microfiber Cloth 73x90cm, Blue-Red (Dry03)

Profesional microfiber cloth, Folina Dry03 is a cloth for general cleaning purpose efect for every house and car. The cloths are statically charged so they attract dirt, pet hairs, dust balls and microparticles like a magnet. Once the cloths attract dust and dirt it actually remains trapped in the grooves of the cloth itself so the particles are not just re-scattered in the air like with ordinary dusters. When a microfiber cloth becomes lightly dirty, shake it to remove loose dust and particles. You do not need to wash the cloth after every dusting–just wash the cloth when it becomes soiled or very dirty. Size is 73x90cm and composition is 70% polyester & 30% polyamide.


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Huge capacity absorbance
Material 550 Gramm per m²
Lint free Material
Made in South Korea

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