Logilink Discolady Soundbox with MP3 Player and FM Radio pink (SP0038P)

Enjoy your favorite music with the best sound quality at home, in the garden or on the go. With the DiscoLady Soundbox you have a speaker, MP3 player and FM radio all in one. Listen to your music from a USB stick, Micro-SD card, the Line-In or simply turn on the FM radio. The built-in battery ensures music on the go. Alternatively power can be supplied via the USB charging port or a 5V DC power supply input.


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Soundbox with installed MP3-player and FM-Radio
Perfect Soundquality
Assisted MP3 replay from USB-sticks and Micro-SD-cards
3,5mm plug audio-access (AUX / Line-in)
RM-radio aerial about 3,5mm audio cable
Radio channel 87,5 – 108,0 MHz
Aluminum case
Installed Lithium Battery, 600 mAh
Powersupply with battery, USB or power pack
Compact design, perfect in transit

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