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Logilink Car mount magnet phone holder (AA0110)

The smartphone stand is ideal for all common 4-6 smartphones with a weight of up to 200g. And it’s as simple as that Place the supplied metal plate into the smartphone case and you can simply place your mobile device then onto the holder. The magnet will hold the device and allows you to remove the phone quick and fast – completely without opening or closing any brackets etc. The holder tilts and swivels in all directions for comfortable viewing angles. The suction cup enables a quick and easy attachment and removing from the windshield or dashboard.


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Suitable for 4” – 6” smartphones
Rotates 360 degree for perfect viewing angles
Very fast fastening of a smartphone via metal plate and magnet
Strong suction cup with sticky gel adhere to windshield
Non-slip feet to keep your smartphone in the holder steadily
Re-useable gel pad
Suitable for smartphones with a weight up to 200g

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