Car DashCam Black Box DVR Camera (black)

Car Black Box DVR Camera is a useful tool for any driver. The device is mounted to the windshield. Routes, accidents and collisions can be recorded. It produces high-quality video recordings, which are stored on a standard SD memory card. Features such as Auto Start and motion detection makes operation easier. The Car Black Box has a intregierten up to 6 LED lights for night operation and allows you to capture video in low light conditions or at night travel . The Car Black Box Camera DVR is a real black box for every motorist.


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Display screen 2,5 TFT
Low light CMOS VGA with night vision
Power supply DV 5V, detachable li battery built in
Choosing cycle record 1min/3min/5min/10min/OFF
Functions Recording automatically after the power on, Preset Auto power off, Suppport motion detection
Memory SD/MMC card up to 32 GB
Resolution 640x480px

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